Observational cosmology

18h of lectures, 3 ECTS

Head: Yannick Copin (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

The goal is to present the different observations and associated theoretical concepts – called cosmological probes – that allowed to give credit to the so-called “concordance” ΛCDM cosmological model. The UE is split in chapters of roughly equal size. It is supplemented by a series of seminars given by the students (inverted lesson) and delving deeper into more observational and technical aspects (from a publication from a large collaboration).


This UE will bring the basic theoretical and observational knowledge allowlng to understand the most recent developments of observational cosmology (the different cosmological observables, large structure formation and characterization, elements of primordial nucleosynthesis, open questions, etc.) in relation to the experiments that are on-going or under development.


  1. Friedmannology
  2. Large structures (theoretical aspects)
  3. Large structures (observational aspects)
  4. Primordial nucleosynthesis
  5. Numerical cosmology
  6. Concordance model and beyond