M1 in Lyon

Semester 1

The first semester of year M1 is composed of a common core, shared by all the curricula of the master, and of a part specific to the chosen path (Fundamental Physics or Applied Physics). It provides the foundations that any student from such a master must have. The common core (18 ECTS) comprises two thematic teaching units (Unités d’Enseignement, UE) of 6 ECTS: physique des milieux condensés / physics of condensed systems, éléctromagnétisme et matière / electromagnetism and matter. These UEs are given in French and in English. In addition, there is a UE for preparation for professional integration (3 ECTS, consisting of a module for knowledge of the professional environment (connaissance de l’environnement professionnel) of 1 ECTS and of a module for finding an internship, a job (TrIP – rechercher un stage, un emploi ) of 2 ECTS) and a UE of English for professional communication level 1 (anglais pour la communication professionnelle niveau 1, 3 ECTS). For the part specific to the astrophysics curriculum (12 ECTS), it is compulsory to choose the Fundamental Physics path, which comprises two more thematic UEs of 6 ECTS: mécanique quantique et applications / quantum mechanics and applications, and physique des milieux continus / physics of continuous media, also given in French and in English.

Semester 2

The second semester is also composed of a common core and of a part specific to the chosen curriculum. The common core (15 ECTS) includes an experimental physics UE of 6 ECTS (physique expérimentale) for lab work, a numerical modeling UE of 3 ECTS (modélisation numérique) and a 6-week internship (stage) in a research laboratory for 6 ECTS. The part specific to the astrophysics curriculum (15 ECTS) offers five UEs of 3 ECTS adapted to this specialization: advanced quantum mechanics (mécanique quantique avancée), statistical physics of interacting systems and phase transitions (physique statistique des systèmes en interaction et transitions de phase), atomic and molecular physics (physique atomique et moléculaire), astrophysics: evolution of the Universe and cycle of the elements (astrophysique : évolution de l’Univers et cycle des éléments), and general relativity (relativité générale). The UEs are taught in French but can welcome non-French-speaking students by adapting the lessons and course documents in English.