M1 in Montpellier

During the first year, common with the CCP (Cosmos, Champs et Particules) curriculum, the students get acquainted with the bases of fundamental physics.

Semester 1

Semester 1 is partly shared with the other curriculums, with four teaching units (Unités d’Enseignement, UE) of fundamental physics: experimental physics (physique expérimentale, 5 ECTS), atoms, molecules and radiation (atomes, molécules et rayonnement, 5 ECTS), modeling and simulation in physics (modélisation et simulation en physique, 5 ECTS), and hydrodynamics (hydrodynamique, 4 ECTS) . It includes two specialized UEs: astrophysics (astrophysique, 3 ECTS) and general relativity and cosmology (relativité générale et cosmologie, 3 ECTS), as well as a workshop of observational astrophysics (atelier d’astrophysique observationnelle, 3 ECTS), which occurs in the domes of building 13 (Triolet campus). One UE of English (anglais, 2 ECTS) completes the 30 ECTS of semester 1.

Semestre 2

Semester 2 includes two more UEs of fundamental physics: statistical physics (physique statistique) and advanced quantum physics (physique quantique avancée), of 6 ECTS each, but is more specialized with the basic courses of astroparticles (astroparticules, 3 ECTS), particle physics (physique des particules, 3 ECTS), and fluid dynamics in astrophysics and cosmology (dynamique des fluides en astrophysique et cosmologie, 2 ECTS). A 7-week internship (stage) in a research laboratory at the end of the year allows the students to get to know the careers in research.