Observational Astrophysics Project

36h de practical work, 3 ECTS

Heads: Julien Morin and Bertrand Plez (Université de Montpellier)

In this UE, students must see through all the steps of an observational astrophysics study. From the definition of spectroscopic or photometric observations to be made during a 4-night stay at Observatoire de Haute-Provence, to the modeling and critical discussion of their measurements and the writing of a scientific report, students are the players of this project.


  • Precisely define the objectifs of the chosen project and the methods to carry out
  • Plan and prepare the observations required to complete the project
  • Implement the observation program and adapt it to the actual conditions
  • Reduce the raw data to obtain scientific exploitable data
  • Propose a modeling and astrophysical interpretation of the data answering the set goals
  • Make the most of bibliographic resources and data bases
  • Write a report respecting the standards of scientific literature


During the whole semester students work in small groups on a project they have a chosen among a proposed set of topics. Resting on the indicated bibliographic resources, their own searches as well as on frequent exchanges with the teachers, they must successfully complete an observational astrophysics study making use of the telescopes and instruments at their disposal at Observatoire de Haute-Provence. The students thus perform a research work based on professional tools and leading to the writing of a report conforming to the standards of scientific literature.