Numerical Project

3h of lectures, 33h of practical work, 3 ECTS

Head: Ana Palacios (Université de Montpellier)

Research in astrophysics is based on varied approaches (observations, theory, modeling, simulation) which all have in common the use of advanced numerical tools. In order to best prepare the students to a research activity, this UE offers, in a different frame than that of the internship, to carry out an individual numerical work on a topic proposed by a tutor, dealing with the use and/or development of a professional level code to answer a specific astrophysical question.


  1. Learn to use the numerical tool in the service of research
  2. Gain knowledge of professional level codes and how to handle them, and use them to solve a concrete astrophysical problem
  3. Be able to understand and interpret the numerical results obtained using relevant visualizations