Galaxy Formation and Evolution

36h of lectures, 6 ECTS

Heads: Johan Richard and Jérémy Blaizot (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

This UE sets the bases of our knowledge of the formation and evolution of galaxies, from the astrophysical processes at play at the small scales relevant to star formation to the effects of the very large scale environment. A dual approach will be used, with theoretical aspects on the one hand and observational ones on the other hand.


Provide training on the theoretical frame and the interpretation of observations allowing to understand galaxy formation and evolution from an astrophysical point of view, as well as current issues.


  • Prerequisite in Cosmology
  • Physical properties of galaxies and of their environment
    • star formation
    • unresolved stellar populations (and link with evolution)
    • galaxy dynamics
    • groups et clusters, large structures
  • Observational techniques
    • large surveys, observational biases, galaxy surveys
    • studies of galaxies in different spectral domains (from the UV-visible to the radio domain)
    • spectroscopic properties / spectroscopy techniques (including resolved spectroscopy)